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More direct enquiries for local business

A local business wanted more direct enquiries to reduce the reliance on referrals

A key part of their marketing strategy was to heavily invest in SEO to ensure a solid foundation for online success.

Over an 18 month period we increased the total website clicks to 53,000 and total number of impressions to 3.29 million.

They also rank on page 1 of Google consistently for high-value keywords.

They are now winning a significant amount of direct business (a 42% increase) and no longer rely on referrals.

“The support offered through Mighty Moxie has been exceptional, from rapid responses helping with a mad social post to merging our companies and re-creating all of our documents.

You’ve been everything we were looking for in a marketing team and it’s clear all the work going on in the background is making a difference.

During our meeting after we spoke on Tuesday, Pam said; “Those ladies are the best thing to come out of the pandemic.”

I have to agree, the work you are both doing is clearly having an impact on our business and it’s all very exciting to see. 

People are finding us on Google. In previous years we never had this kind of thing happen, the clients just wouldn’t find us.

In the last 2 days, we’ve made 12 sales. That’s abnormal for this time of year”.

We have 2 spots available for new clients